About Strengths Focus


Fiona Hunter, Founder.

I am a lifetime strengths advocate and "bog standard" manager.

Have a read about my pro-bono and 'for love' community strengths work.

I have partnered with Stravaig a specialist consultancy, and we jointly offer a fantastic range of team development and innovative consulting, from executive teams to HR teams and front-line teams, as well as specialties like scenario development and systems thinking. Please have a look at our joint consulting section on Stravaig for more information. 


A person can perform only from strength. One cannot build performance on weakness, let alone on something one cannot do at all.
— Peter Drucker

After years of working in high-pressure, high-stakes situations, I moved into the corporate world bringing my strengths-based philosophy to organisational teamwork. I moved from being a team member, to managing and leading teams, helping them adopt strengths-based ways of working. Then other teams started asking me to help them, and that was the start of Woven. 

For years, I have now been working with teams, helping them connect, understand their strengths and move into high-performance. I wrote "WOVEN" to help new managers and existing managers rethink what they could do to help their teams, and the results these teams have achieved are amazing to see. I am honoured that WOVEN is now recommended by the VIA Institute on Character as one of four tools in their practitioner toolkit.

I now work with teams everywhere, weaving their strengths into high performance.


My work

I have worked in a strengths-based manner since my teen years, always focused on supporting others - seeking to understand what others need, enable them and add positive experiences.

In my first social-work role, I worked with some fantastic mentors and managers, who shaped my thinking and provided a great learning environment for a newly qualified social worker. This grounding has stayed with me.

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I qualified as a social-worker in the mid ‘80s, and have worked in a variety of settings, and with a wide range of organisations during the last 3 decades - all from a strengths-based approach and all focused on making a difference to others, building community and working alongside others.

Here's part of my presentation to young leaders at the IPANZ 2016 conference, on "building strengths and strengthening your teams".


My focus

I specialise in working with individuals and teams, and have a track-record of shifting teams from average to 'high-performance', check the testimonials page to see what participants have said.

I've written a book - WOVEN - about my approach, available on Amazon.

I work with teams and organisations to help weave strengths into their culture, shifting behaviour, become more user-centric and client-focused. Please have a look at my consulting services for more info.