Strengths Champions

This is my pro-bono work done in the community.

Strengths Champions is a year-long programme, comprising 9 workshops plus self-directed work, all focused on discovering and harnessing individual strengths. Participants learn what strengthens them, how to explain this to others, how to recognise when they are on a strengths-path, and also how to use this new knowledge and express this using artistic forms – primarily dance.

There are two groups in each programme, mentors and participants.

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Strengths champions

Giving It Forward: These are youth leaders who support younger participants through the workshops, they facilitate conversations around strengths and how to maximize your unique strengths to boost that confidence with myself facilitating. They are also dance choreographers. The monthly workshops consist of a mix of “work” involving both strengths conversations and dance, that boost their well-being.

This is an extension of work I have done with Feline Dance for over 2 decades, prior to 'gifting' Feline Dance in 2014. The full gifting story is on Mike Pegg's website.

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Strengths Participants

These are girls keen to add strength to their confidence.

They learn strategies using positive psychology approaches to strengthen themselves at times of pressure as well as creating an everyday strengths plan.

They learn dance routines and perform at the end of a year, when they have an option of choosing whether to graduate or to graduate and also become a strengths mentor.