WOVEN is different.

It is a tested, and proven way to develop your team that adopts a fundamentally different approach to the majority of conventional team-development approaches. My goal in writing the book was to give away the approach, so any manager could pick this up and implement it.

The full details of the approach are described in the book, available from Amazon.


Woven is a developmental programme that puts the team in charge of their development, and offers a simple framework to work through using readily available tools and approaches. It encourages communication and establishes the conditions for trust to be developed within the team.

A key difference with this approach is that it takes account of the actual work that the team needs to get done, and incorporates this into the programme. You could say that it “weaves the team’s purpose and outcomes” into a developmental approach that helps lift team performance.

Have a look at what people who have been through the programme are saying on the testimonial page.

Some of the comments about the book are on the book review page.

It runs over a 9-month time-frame with work to be done each month, ensuring the thinking and philosophy becomes embedded in the day-to-day work and approach of the team. For those who want to run a workshop to 'test' the thinking, please have a look at options here.